Made technical services ltd greatly deals, rent collection, soliciting of tenants, CCTV camera installation, as well as monitoring bills and ensuring timely payment. We also work on plumbing and electrical at the estate in which the company’s well trained technical staff greatly solves all problems of that kind, conducting electrical wiring, continuous servicing of the building, and also plumbing installations. The company also caters for the general Cleanliness, waste and garbage collection, renovations to ensure smartness of the premises. Under property management, also the company carries out continuous Monitoring of the premises in aspects of renovation, this is done to ensure proper usage of place premises


A Leader in Real Estate- Property Management & Market Knowledge

Our Services Help Our Clients Find the Solution For All Their Property Needs.

REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENTIn adherence to our code of professionalism, MADE Technical Services LTD constantly maintains and makes sure that all properties under the management of MADE Technical Services LTD are up to the standards of our clients and beyond.

Here is what we do:

  • Building Solutions and Management
  • Letting & Leasing
  • Residential, Commercial, Office and Retail Space and Apartments
  • Consultation
  • Market Appraisal
  • Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Facility Management
  • And much more!


MADE Technical Services LTD has a versatile and aggressive team that ensures cost effective marketing. This is achieved through a wide network of agents, e-marketing, door-to-door sales and thorough point of reference.

MADE Technical Services LTD is a business differentiated by specialism and focus. Our team brings with it unparalleled track record and credibility in the Kampala’s residential and commercial mixed use development and investment markets.

The plethora of policy shifts in the market create real risk and opportunity for the real estate and construction sectors in Uganda.  However, MADE Technical Services LTD’s insight across the whole residential market spectrum from policy setting to practical-on-ground implementation of projects makes us ideally placed to provide holistic solutions for clients investing in, developing or operating residential or related built assets including physical and social infrastructure and workspace in Uganda.


We are passionate and driven with a deeper understanding of the property market that is second to none. An understanding developed not only through experience but by our commitment to offering a unique proposition that truly puts the client and their needs first.

Whatever your point of interest or requirements may be in the world of real estate, MADE Technical Services LTD is able to provide consultancy and advice to shape and inform your decisions in the following areas: